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Dimensions for Water polo

Water polo is a team water sport, which can be best described as a combination of swimming, rugby and wrestling. Players swim the equivalent of up to 5km in a single game. To score, players throw the ball into the opponent’s goal which floats on the water. Apart from the goalkeeper, who is allowed to touch the bottom of the pool in the goalkeeper’s area, players cannot touch the bottom of the pool in any active part of the game. Each game is played over four eight-minute periods.

Dimensions of the pool

The distance between goal lines is 20m−30m for men and 20m−25m for women. The width of the playing area for all games is 10m−20m. The minimum water depth is 1.8m.


The diagram below illustrates standard measurements for a water polo field, however, many pools not designed for water polo play must be adapted. For example, some pools have a shallow end. With the exception of the goalie, players may not use the bottom of the pool to stand or push off during the game. Regardless of its size, each water polo pool is marked with several important lines:
  • white cones — goal line and halfway
  • red cones — 2m lines
  • yellow cones — 5m lines
  • Sides of the field of play are marked red from goal line to 2m, yellow from 2m to 5m and green from 5m to halfway. A red mark is placed 2m from each end to denote the re-entry area.


The inner sides of the posts are 3m apart. When the water is 1.5m deep or more then the underside of the crossbar is 0.9m from the surface. If the water is shallower then it is 2.4m from the floor of the pool. Limp nets are attached to the goal posts and crossbar to cover the entire goal area.

The minimum distance from the goal line to pool wall is 1.66m. The distance between the goal line and boundary of field of play is 0.3m. The minimum depth of the goal is 0.3m.


ابعاد ومساحت زمین واترپلو 

Flippa ball

Flippa ball is a modified junior sport for water polo and is played by 8−13 year old boys and girls. Each team must have six field players and one goalie in the pool at one time. Flippa ball is played in the shallow end of the pool, allowing players to stand on the bottom of the pool.


ابعاد ومساحت زمین واترپلو