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Dimensions for Handball

Handball is a fast-paced game involving two teams of seven players who pass, throw, catch and dribble a small ball with their hands while trying to score goals. The team with the most goals wins the game. A game consists of two 30-minute halves with a 10-minute half-time break.

Handball —  indoor

Playing area

The playing court is rectangular measuring 40m x 20m. The safety zone surrounding the court has a minimum width of at least 1m along the sidelines and 2m behind the goal lines. The playing court is marked with lines 5cm wide except for the goal lines (between the goal posts) that are 8cm wide.


The goal is placed in the centre of each outer goal line and firmly attached to the floor or wall behind the goals. The interior measures 3m in width and 2m in height. The rear side of the goal post is in line with the goal line.

The goal area in front of the goals is a 3m x 6m rectangle and two connecting quarter circle sectors, each with a radius of 6m.


All lines are 5cm wide except for the goal lines which are 8cm wide. Other measurements are as follows:

  • broken free throw lines are parallel and concentric to the goal area line with a 3m larger distance from the goal line. Segments and spaces between them are 15cm
  • the 7m line is 1m long directly in front of the goal, parallel to the goal line, 7m from the rear edge of the goal line
  • the goalkeeper’s restraining line is 15cm long directly in front of the goal. It is parallel to, and 4m away from, the goal line
  • centre line connects midpoints of two side lines
  • substitution line is 4.5m from centre line outside the boundary

Handball — beach

The playing court is a 27m long by 12m wide rectangle with a playing area and two goal areas. The surface of the playing court is sand that is at least 40cm deep. There is a 3m safety zone surrounding the playing court.

The playing area is 15m long by 12m wide. Boundary lines are marked by a plastic, coloured bank or rope, with a width up to 8cm.

The goals are 3m wide by 2m high and firmly anchored in the sand. The goals must have a net. The goal area is marked by a band or rope attached parallel to the goal line and 6m away from it.

The substitution area is 15m long and 3m wide located on each side the playing area outside the sidelines.

ابعاد ومساحت زمین هندبال  

Mini handball

Mini handball is adapted for children up to 8−9 years. They play on smaller playing areas, with smaller goals and ball and with rules the children are able to understand. Normal handball rules are the basis of mini handball, but the rules about technical faults are assessed according to the ages and the skills of the children participating in the game.


ابعاد ومساحت زمین هندبال